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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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dictates specific city policies -- policies in d.c. >> signs expressing annoyance are springing up around d.c. the budget deal forbids the city fromy ising its own tax dollars on abortion services for poor women and reimposes a federal scholarship program allowing some d.c. kids to attend religious or secular private schools. since the majority of schools taking part in the program are religious, this forces taxpayers to subsidize someone else's faith, and we should call this what it is, a modern day religion tax. it's about improving outcome, the vouchers should be off the table. >> reporter: opponents point to a federal study concluding after three years in private schools, the d.c. students gained three months of measurably improved reading proficiency and there is no positive impact on test scores in math. the voucher advocates have an
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splakes. you know -- explanation. you know, i come in behind. two and three grades behind and that will take time to show if they're a math again. what we see and when we talk to parents and students, children are doing well. >> reporter: vincent gray is still sporting his custody tag from monday's civil disobedience arrest on alcohol. again -- on capitol hill, again, railed in city affairs and pointed out that school reform is working. our enrollment the first time in 41 years in public education actually increased this year. went up by 900-plus students. >> reporter: but neither mayor gray nor anyone else from d.c. has a vote on the house floor. the chamber handedly passed the budge the bill, including the voucher program in d.c. only. and the ban on spending locally raised tax dollars on abortion services. tomorrow is a holiday in d.c. and that is emancipation day.
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mayor gray is expected to tanned a noon -- to point out the irony that d.c. has less freedom than any other city in the nation. laura? thank you. in the midst of the furious fight for rights, there is a debate going on in the district. at the center of it all, symbolism versus subassistance. the question being debated, should the president demand the d.c. license plate on his limo be changed to read to one that reads taxation without representation. "washington post" columnist koberti. king had this to say yesterday during a commentary. >> on december 12, tate tate -- tate tate, wtop carried a story that said local leaders hit a road block over the presidential lem jean and pointed that d.c. mayor fenty and norton said they would not ask president-elect obama to use a no tax presentation without representation license tag on the presidential limousine. on the other hand, 13 members of d.c. council and media
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analysts on this station, urge obama to use the taxation license plate, it was a student argument then and more embarrassing now. all that time, wasted over symbolism. when it counted was the city -- when the city needed the president to stand up to have them use their own tax dollars for priests being set. the president -- privates being set. the president and -- to the city's pleas. why? they know that people who cherish symbolism are easy pickings. we live to be stroked, we don't stand for substance and nobody knows better than both ends of pennsylvania avenue. have we in the city no shame? this is cobert i. king. they didn't sit well with wtop political analyst mark plot kip. he responded with this commentary. take a listen. >> there is a commentator on this station who has a disteg wished journalistic career who left his way. particularly sad ask troubling, since you would expect this
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hometown commentator would have a deep and clear understanding of the essential role that symbolism plays in shaping and inspiring political protest and change. instead of grasping the significance and power of symbolism, he states that pushing the president to place the d.c. taxation without representation license plate on his limo zone is, in his words, a stupid argument and makes matters worse by -- eleanor holmes norton and adrian fenty for not prodding the president on this issue. the president has gone out of his way to show d.c. red dents, who gave him 93% of the votes, he doesn't give a damn about them. putting the taxation without representation plate on his car, which shows solidarity with d.c. that is true symbolism with substance. obviously, our commentator does not get it. >> mark plotkin and king join us now. up that for being with us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> i love being here.
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>> let me start with you. >> sure. >> what is the problem with the license plate? you don't think it detracts from the issue in. >> what different does it make. supposing he put plates on his car and for tooling around town with the tag and still sold us out. what difference does it make in we don't need symbols but substance and needed him last week and he threw us under the bus. he can have thrown us under the bus wearing the tags on his for head. it wouldn't have made a difference. >> report arguing the same thing as mark plotkin is arguing? >> i never argue the same thing mark plotkin's arguing. no,. >> mark, let me ask you, why is it so important that symbol of the selens -- license plate? >> first of all, they should take colby's pulitzer back. they're considering yet now. i'm surprised this hometown guy, i have only been here 47 years, he's been here longer, doesn't understand who is well- versed in the civil rights movement, that this was a
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personal way of showing a lineman with the residents of d.c. i know what you're saying and i believe it. bill clinton put it on his limousine. >> the last two months of his eight years in washington. >> yeah, he took it. >> the last two months of the eight years in washington. >> this guy, this president, 93% of the vote -- . >> that is amazing. >> ingreat and that is all he had to do. >> we just -- . >> i'm with you. >> we have -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> and we need to have a cool -- call on him. i don't want him to respond to me with a license plate but standing up for the district of columbia. >> and this is a very first -- and this is a gimmick. but smart and shroud. >> we don't do gentlemannics. and this shows his personal involvement. >> that is not personal. >> let me chime in, kobe. >> unless he puts the tags on himself, he has done nothing. >> absolutely. >> let me chime in here, and there have been many instances
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in history where symbols led to action. don'ting, coby, by putting a license plate on could lead to action? >> if he had picked up the phone last friday would have been a good symbol and, called eleanor holmes norton and the mayor of the district of columbia and explained to them directly why he made that deal with john boehner and harry reid, that might have been something. instead, they read about it in the newspaper. >> and i bray with you, laura. heard have made that suggestion. >> takes away little moments and symbols. i will pick out something even more recent how about yesterday? when he was at vince gray, the mayor's alma mater, my alma mater, george washington university, and if he was in some desolate rural outpost in iowa, you better believe if he gave a speech, the mayor would be sitting in the front row. i asked the mayor today, you were you invited to the speech? he said no, he's gone out of
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his way totion, neglect and dis him. >> he hasn't gone out of his way, but haven't given us a thought. we need substance. >> and seems to me that being united on this issue is the best thing for all of us, don't you think? >> we're all united on the issue, it's the strategy and how we get knit and that is showing a personal commitment which he established. >> we ought to have a strategy and not bother ourselves with tactics. >> we know you're good friends and all and friendly debate, right in. >> we used to be. saturday -- is saturday -- . >> i love -- . >> mandatory reading. this saturday. >> i will repeat from saturday, too. >> and thank you for being with us. thank you. bye-bye. >> take care. congress today finally passing the budget deal one week after the government was pushed to the bring of a shutdown. a last-minute revolt by some republicans put the final outcome into question over how
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much savings the deal produces. the senate approved this momentings ago. tell us about it. >> reporter: -- moments ago. >> reporter: in the end, the u.s. senate finally approved the budget deal, 81-19. the bill goes on to president obama for his signature into law and earlier in the day, house republicans won on a bid of a mini reveal after the congressional budget office issued a report save -- saying the savings from this deal were smaller than they were sold at. how much smaller? instead of a $38.5 billion that was promised to be saved in the deal, it would actually produce 3 $52 million of savings this year alone. one week after congress pushed the government to the bring of shutdown. mr -- . >> to suspend. >> reporter: lawmakers wrestled over what was and wasn't in their budget deal. >> and we can have our
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arguments and purpose. >> reporter: it was facts and figures that injected last- minute drama into the debate, over how much savings the budget deal produced. as -- . >> it's easy to condemn and complain, but this is a good bill and i all all members to support it. >> reporter: a congressional budget report found the promise, $38.5 billion worth of cuts saved $352 million that put the gop under the fences. and there are some who claim the spending cuts on the bill report real and that they gimmicks. i just think that it's total nonsense. >> 50 republicans said the cuts didn't go far enough and 100 democrats voted no claims the cuts went too far. these budge the cuts should be a moral outrage to every member of the body. >> reporter: after a week of shutdown countdowns and late- night negotiations, both sides appear ready to put the bill to
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rest. >> i want this bill over with. i'm with you. and in the end, that is what they did. the yays, 2 success; the nays 167 and the bill is passed, a motion reconsidered and laid upon the table. and it's important to note the bill will put the funds through september 30th and goes on to president obama for his signature. >> all right, fitz, thank you very much. >> up next on the man s, the search for a -- up next on the news edge at 6. the search for a serial killer in long island. we'll have the latest the. and won't to remind you that river road is closed in both directions. the police investigating a crash involving a pedestrian. so, you will want to avoid the area. the news edge at 6 will be right back. 
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>> tonight, a man is behind bars accused in a deadly shooting at a barber shop in
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fairfax county yesterday. the 44-year-old hung ngyun turned himself in last night, hours after storming the shop on bellevue boulevard in alexandrea and shot and killed lee one. police say ngyun was a former coworker. a second employees, a 38-year- old man police didn't identify and was shot survived. the search for clues tonight to find a serial killer in new york stepped up a notch. an fbi airplane with sophisticated aerial photoparagrapher equipment was flying over jones beach on long island. the police spotted the items in the sky in the thick brush and want to look closer at it. the officers are using cadaver dogs and covers as part of the search. the mains of continue people were found in the area since december. moment on the news edge at 6, four more days left to get taxes done. is it worth the extra cash to pay someone to do it for you? we have an answer for you and other important information you need to know after the break. as
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>> tax day fast approaching. you do have until midnight april 18th this year, but beware, there are some things you're accountant may not be telling you. melanie alnwick has what you need to know. >> reporter: if you're thinking about turning to an accountant to get taxes done, you may want to reconsider. financial journalist turbo tax contributor said for standard deduction, you don't need a tax pro. >> last year issue easy filers spent $2.5 billion on tax preparation, a complete waste of money. if your returns are simple and somewhat complicated, go out and buy a program like turbo tax. they will walk you through the entire process. the vast majority of people, you don't need a pro. >> reporter: if you use one, ask them about their credentials. they should have trade agency
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membership registration or irs cert education. >> you want to actually find someone who has a good reputation in terms of fees, performance, availability -- you know, they should be asking you a lot of questions and you should be asking them questions. if you don't like what you hear, walk away. >> reporter: other questions to ask? how many returns that you do are similar to highway patrol. >> okay. >> are you so -- to mine? okay. >> are you so becausey, you're going to pass it to a less experienced associate, do you supplies in tax returns, you're a small business owner, you need someone specializing in that, you have a lot of rental properties and make sure they're capable of representing you in case you get audited. >> and find out how much they charge if they're more or less than someone. what does it include, exclude and get a sense and size them up. some are good and -- some are not. melanie alknow wake, fox 5
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news. and that is a gorgeous day out there. >> and monday was hot. yeah. and today is refreshing and spring leak. the evening is going to be lovely, too and i love the colors. check out the tulens. we love your photos and send them to us. we'll try tote go them on the air, too and the tulips are looking like they're begging for the sunshine and i am sure they are and way got up to 70 degrees and that is not what we get around hare. i airedmy house out, it's wonderful. chasing the dust bunnies on the way for the spring. bwi to 72 degrees and that is not going to be warm like this
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tomorrow. and we will head for the 40s tonight and there is some warm air on the weather map and the going to shift. we'll be in the mid-60s, lower be iss and this is where -- low 60s and this is where a storm is brewing. that is a system bringing us rain on side and tonight, fare skies, the wins shifting and come in out of the east, cooler tomorrow at 62 and more sunshine around tomorrow and some high cloud his in tomorrow note, 8 in the morning, cool, temperature at 50 degrees and 40sin the suburbs, by 91, partly cloudy and 58. and a few clouds around at 5:00 and a little cooler than today
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and we're not seeing much in the way of like can. the tornado watches and we have had active tornado warnings between wichita and tornado city and that is called a dangerous situation out there with a moderate risk of storms and that is moving toward the great lakes on saturday and pushing some soaking rains through here, especially by afternoon and man a round of thunderstorms. the soaking rains moving on out of here for sunday, the temperature in the 60s with a good amount of sunshine and get ready for a wet saturday. very light. this is the five-day forecast, we're going to keep a shower or storm in the forecast, again, for saturday and that is a good likelihood for the afternoon. an each or two of rain, talk about a power washer, sunday,
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64 degrees and on monday and tuesday, the moderate temperatures without being hot and humid. >> love it. >> a wet one for saturday, though. >> we can am it. >> yeah. -- we can handle it. the caps treated the home crowd to a victory last night. dave followedman is up next with the recap and reaction. chn
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>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. the washington capitals are hungering down for a deep play- off run. the december swoon and hbo winner classic seemed like eons ago. this team is thinking defense first and prognosticators are saying they have a better chance than any to win the stanley cup. the goalie is the stars and as rammers and caps paled in round 1 and he was big.
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one of the 24 games on the night and tied at 1 and with two minutes left, blasts the game winners. and caps take game one, coach budreaux looking ahead to game two judge it becomes a battle of attrition and that is consistency doing the same thing over and the longer the series goes, the harder it is to play -- and the harder it is to play at your top and we'll see how we go tomorrow and they're going to be better. i am hoping that we can rise to the occasion. >> and game 2 tomorrow night, verizon center. and stove buck hand is visual -- steve buck hand is officially available. another losing washington wizards season in the book and last night, the wizards wrapping up the season and outplayed the cast. and with the wiz up 3 early.
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third quarter and finished with 10 points in the game and finishes the rookie campaign earning 16 points and eight assists. and down by one. luke, knocks down the 3 and giving cleveland the lead for good. the wiz lose, lose, 100-93 and finish with a 23-59 record and they were 3-38 away from the verizon center and today, they reflected on the season. >> and things are going work on and if you have a lot of things to do, and i think we fell harder last month and how we try to bid on for the sumitor work out and get better and go to training camp. >> and we were not playing for anything but hard and feel like we have -- and with that
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chemistry and come next year. >> and john wall awarded the eastern conditions rocky-of-the- nothing. court ordered moderation between the nfl and players started in minneapolis and that is where the u.s. magistrate judge is working the tables and trying to find common ground. the first meeting between the two sides since march 11th and hopefully it's a good meeting. we will miss football in your household if we don't have it yo and that won't be pretty. thanks. you have the news edge. the news is always on keep it here, tmz on tv is next. see you at 10. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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